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Benefits of Sound Bath

Reduce Stress and Anxiety
Deep Relaxation and Pain Relief 
Increase Mental and Emotional Clarity
Stimulate the Immune System
Promote Stillness, Happiness, and Well Being
Helps connect Higer Self

What People Are Saying 

My sound bath experiences with Maria have been amazing and very relaxing. Her voice and approach is very gentle. I had no idea what to expect and I have a hard time meditating on my own. Her guidance was very helpful and after my first sound bath with her I knocked out for a couple hours when I got home. The breath work and sound bath combo was a tingly whole body experience that left me feeling renewed and relaxed. I highly recommend booking with Maria for first timers or someone who is a veteran.


Maria's sound bath sessions are always a pleasure to attend. I've been to different sound baths around LA and Maria's is definitely my favorite facilitator. In Maria's sessions, I can feel the stress and weight of everything that has piled up through out the week melt away, completely re-centering me to take on the following week. Her sessions always leave me with a profound sense of mental clarity and meditative calm. Sometimes, I even have epiphanies during her classes and I'm able to release some thoughts that have been pestering me during the week. She doesn't force the spiritual side of the practice if that's not your thing but rather she creates an incredibly nurturing and relaxing safe space for a moment of calm in the chaos of daily life. Not to mention, she is also very welcoming and kind. Highly recommend checking out one of her classes!

- Christine

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