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Maria first fell in love with yoga and meditation seeking refuge as  a busy working mom. She soon discovered that yoga is more than flexibility, or stretching but a journey igniting self discovery, a journey home.​

Maria is a qualified 200 hour Hatha (Yang) , as well as 75 hour Yin teacher, with more than 10 years of practicing yoga herself. During her classes you can expect to move mindfully, listen to your body and explore sound meditation for healing, transformation and deep relaxation. 

" I love how Maria narrates the movements of the flow according to how the student is feeling. She makes the student feel comfortable with each stretch by providing alternatives to relieve pain and discomfort. Thank you " 
- Arpi A.

" I loved this class. the entire class felt relaxing and I was easily able to connect within myself with her soothing and clear guidance. the sequence felt really good as we started out slowly warming up and got into some really nice flow that balanced challenged with easy really nicely. I stayed in it with her the whole time, felt present and safe with her leadership throughout. I can tell she knows this practice inside and out and felt privileged to have been able to learn it from her."
- Jessica R.

" I have joined Maria’s yoga class nearly every Sunday since she started teaching in the park. I have been practicing yoga for years but this is the first outdoor class I have attended and it is truly the highlight of my week! I like that it’s outside and I am connecting with nature .She does a great job with the pace of class and flow sequences that can challenge me while still providing alternate poses for beginners. It is also the perfect combination of stretches, core work, flowing sequences and relaxation. I always end class feeling accomplished, grounded and it sets me on the right path for the rest of the week."
- Mira A

"You are as equally beautiful as the universe"

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